Oak Finishes

Our oak frames are hand-made using ancient methods with traditional mortise and tenon joints, whilst the structure is fixed using oak dowels. To complement the hand-made element to our frames we offer the below 3 finishes: 

Fresh Sawn

A strainght from the mill, rough sawn finish which sometimes features lines from the band saw where the beams have been cut to size.


This finish adds a wrought/wavey and undulating look and feel to the oak faces.

Planned Smooth

This finish adds a smooth look and feel to the oak faces.


All finishing styles perfectly compliments and enhances the character of your oak depending on the look and feel you require.

When oak beams are first cut it tends to look rough, highlighting and showing the saw marks where it has been cut to size. Some projects naturally lend themselves to the fresh cut look and feel where as other do not, therefore we also offer a planned or wrought/wavey finish alongside fresh sawn. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our oak frames and the finish that we apply, therefore ensuring all kits supplied naturally compliment your project.

Oak frames finished to highest quality.oak trusses finishes

For high-quality, affordable oak frame building kits, direct to trade and self-builders, call us today at 01279 739277. Let's bring your vision to life.