Oak Frame Garage Kits

We are your trusted source for oak framed garage kits, conveniently located in Essex. Whether you need a complete oak frame garage or just the oak front, we can supply all the necessary oak framing elements according to your drawings. No matter how intricate or complex your requirements are, we have the expertise to manufacture exactly what you need. We deliver throughout the UK, ensuring that your kit arrives ready for on-site assembly.

Our oak garage kits are thoughtfully designed to simplify installation. They come with pre-drilled dowel holes, the appropriate number of oak dowels, and all the fixings needed to install the oak frame. With our extensive knowledge and experience in designing, supplying, and installing oak frames, we can provide valuable advice and support for your oak frame garage project.

As our frames are manufactured in-house at our UK premises, we have full control over the quality of our oak frames. Additionally, we offer three distinct finishes: fresh sawn, wrought wavy, or planed smooth finish, allowing you to choose the aesthetic that suits your preferences.

To receive a quote, simply email us your design, specifications, and preferred delivery times to sales@oakkitsdirect.co.uk. Our dedicated team will promptly review your information and contact you to discuss your project further.

Delivery throughout the UK mainland.

oak framed garage kits processoak framed garage kits delivered direct.

For high-quality, affordable oak frame building kits, direct to trade and self-builders, call us today at 01279 739277. Let's bring your vision to life.